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The telescopes of Milroy Observatory

Technical Specifications of Telescopes and Cameras.

The 40 inch (1.05 Metre) Boller and Chivens Ritchey�Chr�tien telescope.

Manufacturer: Boller and Chivens USA / Build date 1963 / First Light Feb 1964 (plate of M15) / Objective diameter 40" or 1.05 Metres / Focal Ratio F8 / focal length 8,400mm, max instrumental focal plane width 125mm / Filter wheel Focal plane width 50mm max. (Suits CCDs up to 50mm and all DSLR cameras.) / Camera and Instrument Support: USB 2 via router / Mount Polar axis column supported equatorial / Control suite "Ace control" by Astronomical. / Mount mass including Telescope: 15 tons (approx.)
The 40" is fitted with 'Dual Filter wheels' loaded with the 'Bessel' filter set and all the normal L/R/G/B filters, plus a selection of threaded OIII / SII / others.

CCD Cameras available: QSI narrow Band. These CCD Cameras have a low noise and high output. Electrically cooled to further reduce the S/N ratio. USB 2.0 output. One is fitted with a fully stocked 8 bay filter wheel (Astronomik set) suitable for fitting to the 8" R/C or the refractors and can be fitted to any of your telescopes with a 2" drawtube. The other camera fits at the Prime Focus of the 40" and uses the 40" telescopes own filter sets.
These cameras provide Crisp and Sharp images for the experienced operator.

Wider Field R/C Telescope: 8 inch F8, a Ritchey�Chr�tien Telescope that is free of 'Chromatic Aberration or any Coma' and is a one fifth sized little brother to the 40".
Piggy backed on the 40" this 8" telescope offers a one and a half degree field on an average DSLR. A separate 'equatorial mount' is available.

6 inch Refractor: Triplet objective. A generous sized Triplet Refractor for crystal clear images, 2" draw tube.

5 inch Refractor: doublet objective. A generous sized Doublet Refractor for crystal clear views, 2" draw tube.
This Telescope also serves as a 'Finder' Scope when needed.

ED 80 mm APO Refractor. For rich field DSLR imaging 600mm F/L, 2" draw tube.
This Telescope is dove tailed so can be fitted where needed.

Big Dobsonian Telescopes: 20 inches, 16 inches, 12 inches. These big dobs are the perfect telescopes to for fill that bucket list of 'things to see' under the southern stars.

A collection of telescopes at Milroy Observatory.

lots of Telescopes

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